Saturday, June 23, 2012

Getting Things Done

By Eliza, age 9

YES! You finally get some alone time! You have been waiting for this all day! You're excited to go read the next chapter in your book. But right as you get up to your room, your mom says: “Hey honey, can you sort the laundry while I feed your little sister?” What should you do? You have to do it, so you go downstairs faced with one choice: make work fun.
These are some examples of how you could make work fun:

#1:You can set the timer to see how fast you can do your job. An example is if you need to do the dishes, you can set the timer to see if you can do it in 5 minutes and then keep trying to beat your record whenever you do the dishes.

#2: Make it into a game. If you are asking how work can be a game, This is an example: you need to water the garden so you can pretend you are a firefighter spraying a fire. Another example: you need to clean your room so you can pretend that the stuff on the floor is burning hot, and you need to so fast so it does not burn you.

#3:Make it a race. For example, you and brother need to clean the playroom. You can split in half and see who can clean their side faster. Or you can race to see who can pick up the most toys.

#4:Get it done QHW (quickly, happily, and well) The best way to get things done (maybe not the funnest) is to get it done quickly without complaining. just get it over with since you have to do it anyway!

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